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Why Boredom is Good for Your Kids


Why Boredom is Good for Your Kids

You would normally think that boredom would be bad for your child, but it does not have to be. When done right, it can lead to a lot of fun and excitement.

This doesn’t mean that you just leave your child in a corner. It just means that you have to come up with fun things to do at home when bored that are different from what he normally does.

The Good Kind of Boredom


Much like everything else about raising your child, boredom can be controlled in such a way as to benefit his development.

You basically need to make him bored in such a way that will force him to find something to do and that is when you step in to help him do something useful and fun.

You only leave him alone when he is already preoccupied and then check up on him if he has become bored once more.

From there, you can move on to doing other fun things that will be educational and engaging, until you have accomplished your goal for the day. 

Why Kids Need Boredom

Kids need to be bored for a few reasons, chief among which is to give them an opportunity to wind down after all of the stimulation they were bombarded with.

Whether it is through electronic devices, other people, or their surroundings, your child will be constantly exposed to things that will excite his brain.

Boredom allows him to recharge, relax, and recalibrate. It also helps boost his boost his creativity and reasoning skills.

Doing so prepares him for a new round of stimulation and this time, it can be the kind that you can control.

If it is, you can be the one to decide what he will learn, what he will gain, and how he will do so.

Fun Activities When Bored

There are a lot of fun activities that you and your child can do when you are bored, but if you want him to get the most out of it, you will need to choose carefully.

Among the most fruitful activities you could get up to are:



One of the best and most effective uses of your child’s time when boredom sets in, gardening accomplishes a multitude of beneficial states.

To start with, it involves meditation, concentration, care of movement, and a sense of satisfaction as a result of tangible accomplishments.

You can start small, as well, with one indoor pot. You can then expand on that until you eventually create a garden that your child can tend to.


Fun, engaging, and endlessly creative, baking can be one of the most fulfilling experiences for those who actually invest in it.

Through it, you can teach your child how to offer something to the world and to himself that is beautiful, fulfilling, and even profitable. 

Cookies are always a great place to start and then you can move on to cakes, bread, and pretty much any pastry you can think of.



One of the simpler options on this list, hiking is worth doing simply because it offers a considerable level of engagement depending on where you go.

Living somewhere close to a forest, rolling hills, or mysterious mountains will certainly make this task much easier.

Hiking will not only give your child plenty of exercise, but it will also connect him to the outdoors. Naturally, this is best done when you are together or as a group.


Story acting

If you have been reading to your child consistently, he will likely already have a favorite story character or scene.

Allowing him to play that character and going along as he reenacts the scene will help fuel his creative mind and appreciation for good role playing.

Having you there will only make the experience extra special for your child, which always makes it worth doing.


Writing letters, on a journal, a story, or just random thoughts with a pencil is incredibly helpful for your child’s development. 

It basically enables him to become more in touch with himself and get to know his own mind better.

This is important for a developing brain since it sparks neurons and encourages the production of chemicals that he will need.


Arts & Craft

Whether you are painting, doing a collage, sculpting, or sketching, doing something artsy and creative with your little one is always encouraged.

Not only will this spark his imagination and give him inspiration, but it will also provide him with plenty of motivation to look both inward and outward.

He will think a lot more deeply about what he wants to create or produce, which requires him to get to know his own dreams, desires, and passions


Scavenger hunt

Moving on to play territory, scavenger hunts are always a great way to encourage flexibility of thought, critical thinking, and determination in your child.

The activity will also give him a sense of wonder and excitement at the prospect of finding treasure after following clues and the like.


Fort building

One of the all-time favorite past times of children of any age, building forts is just one of those things that are done at least once by parent and child.

Encouraging your child to build a fort can really get his imagination going, especially if you allow and even help him to go as big and as complicated as he wants. 


Calling friends

 If your child is just sitting at home and doing nothing, it might be a good idea to allow him to call his friends.

It doesn’t have to be a long conversation, either, since he just really needs to hear their voice and let them know that they are in his thoughts. 



Finally, regardless of whether your child has a talent for singing, it is still a good idea to rip a tune or two with him.

You can take turns with your favorite songs and you can even create your own lyrics. The important point is that you do this with him. 


In conclusion, boredom does not have to be a bad thing for your child. With the right perspective, handling, and fun activities, boredom can be quite beneficial for your child. 

For even more stuff that you and your child can do when bored, you can take a look at what else you can find at this site. Be sure to read resources that discuss creativity, play, and leadership, as well. 

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