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Top Reasons Mom Needs ‘Me’ Time

Top Reasons Mom Needs ‘Me’ Time

Stress and anxiety might cause depression for some moms

Parenting is not only a challenging job, but it is also one that takes all of you as it sucks you in. You could lose your personality while being a mom because everyday you are focused on the kids and how to be a good parent.

You definitely would forget how to be you – that person you always were before parenting showed up. While it is true that to be a good mom you need to make adjustments in your lifestyle to care for the kids, losing all of yourself to being a mom is also a very unproductive, and sometimes, dangerous thing to do.

You need some personal time for yourself too to be healthy. Don’t worry, and it is not selfishness to want to have your ‘me’ time. It is rather a way of ensuring you take good care of yourself, so that you can take care of your kids.

Here are therefore reasons why every mom needs their ‘me’ time:

1. You are a Person First!
Yeah, that is absolutely right. You are a person first before a mom. If you fail at being a good and healthy person, you will fail at being other things too including being a mom. You should take care of yourself first and means having time for yourself. This does not mean you have to go to a very reclusive corner with nobody around. No, what this means is that you have time for yourself to think about you, your life, success and everything.

2. It Keeps Your Career Going
Many moms are still able to juggle parenting with their careers because they have that ‘me’ time to sort that part of their life out. As a mom, you need a personal time to keep moving your dreams. At this time in your life, you could even domicile your work to your house so you could work from home. When your work keeps going even as you are a mom, you find relative fulfilment, and with that comes being a great mom.

3. Your Mood Experiences a Surge
Yeah, that is right. When you really have the time to think and appraise your life as a mom, your mood dramatically increases. You feel better about yourself, and you become a better mom in the process. Having a worn-out mood could make your so irritable and cranky that your children may find your countenance so unwelcoming. No mother wants that.

4. Your Kids Love You More
There is a maxim that goes that absence makes the heart grow fonder. Any time you spend without having your kids around interestingly makes them love you more. However, this does not mean that you have to be away from your kids. No. What it means is that you should create as much time for yourself so that you can be appreciated.

5. Gives Dad special bonding time with the kids

When you need that break, your partner has to buy in the idea. This “me” time actually creates a great opportunity for dad to spend time and bond with the kids. He might experience some of the issues you might have recently face with the kids. It will not only help to bond the kids with their dad, but between you both as well as a couple.

6. Helping Yourself Makes You a Better Helper
Having a personal time for yourself teaches you how to help yourself. This directly empowers you to know how also to take care of other people. In your case as a mom, it helps you to understand how to take care of your kids and be a better mom.

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