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Top Baby names for boys in 2019

Top Baby names for boys in 2019

Are you close to giving birth to a baby boy and you have not decided on the name yet? They say that when we see the face of our baby, we will magically come up with the name for the child. As beautiful as that sounds, it never hurts to be more prepared!

For pure inspirational and of course fun purposes, you might want to check out our list of popular and meaningful baby names for boys in 2019.

We have prepared the names with its corresponding meaning, and with references to famous fictional characters, great artistes and athletes with the same names. Hope you get inspired by these wonderful names.

1. Ethan
Ethan is one of the most popular baby names. It means “The strong” or “The firm” or “The constant”. It is a name of Hebrew origin that appears in the New Testament and it represents a wise man of Israel.

Among the famous Ethan’s are: Ethan Hawke, an American actor, writer and director known for his role as Mr. Mason the movie Boyhood; and Ethan Hunt, a fictional character that stars in the saga of Mission Impossible.

2. Oliver
Olivia is a very well-liked baby name for boys. It means “The Wise” or “The Clever”. Interestingly, it originated from the Olive tree and was transformed by the Germans to classify someone as an elf warrior. No doubt a child named Oliver will have no problems making good decisions.

This name has been recognized in history thanks to the following people: Oliver Twist, a fictional character of the famous novel by Charles Dickens; and Oliver Stone, a director, screenwriter and producer of American cinema. He’s known for winning the Oscar for best director for the movie Midnight Express.

3. Lucas
It means “The one who brings the light” or “The one who enlightens”. This name has a Greco-Latin origin, and is a variation of the names Luke, or Lucius.

The most famous Lucas is Lucas Alario, an Argentine soccer player who currently plays in the Bayer Leverkusen team of the Bundesliga of Germany; Lucas Black, an American film and television actor, and of course San Lucas, the biblical author of the Gospel according to Luke and the Acts of the Apostles. We think this is good and safe choice among the baby names for boys.

4. Noah
It means “The one who rests” or “The one who is comfortable”. This option is a Hebrew name, widely known for its appearance in the bible as the man who carries out the mission of building an ark and saving a couple of each species of animals to survive the great flood.

Some of the best known Noahs are: Noah Gordon, an American writer of Best Sellers; and Noah Hathaway, an actor and American teen hero, known for having played Atreyu in the movie The Neverending Story in 1984.

5. Liam
Liam means “The warrior and protector” or “The one of good will”. This name has one of the most beautiful meanings among the many baby names for boys. It is the American version of the Irish name “Uilliam” or “William”, which means “helmet of will”.

Some of the most recognized men with the name Liam are: Liam Neeson, a Northern Irish actor known for his leading role in the “Taken” movie saga; Liam Gallagher, an English singer and composer, known for being the vocalist of the band Oasis and how can we miss out Liam Hemsworth, a swoon-worthy Australian actor who is one of the leads in The Hunger Games film series.

6. Harry
If you still cannot decide between all these baby names, you will love this one. Harry means “The owner of the home” or “The one who rules”. Its origin is Germanic and is the medieval version of the name Henry or Harold. It’s a common name in England.

Some of the best-known Harrys are: Harry Potter, the famous character in fantasy books written by the English author J. K. Rowling; and Prince Harry of the United Kingdom, the youngest of the sons of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Diana, Princess of Wales.

Will you decide on any of the boys’ baby names above? All of these options have beautiful backgrounds and meanings. Again, wishing you lots of creativity and happiness in thinking up a name for your baby boy.

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