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Tips for Doing Laundry Faster and Easier

Tips for Doing Laundry Faster and Easier

Doing laundry could be the worst nightmare of any mom. You barely have time for yourself and your children and now, laundry!? Knowing the trick about going doing your laundry is every mom’s goldmine. As moms, we all want life hacks that could help us go through tasks in more natural ways and with lesser time so that we can have enough time to rest and escape from the daily routine of exhaustion all moms go through.

Let us show you those fantastic things you could to make doing laundry faster and easier.

1. Sort all Clothes into Different Baskets
If you are getting that laundry done on time and faster too, then you really have to get things right at the pre-washing level. Sorting your laundry into different baskets with different tags will make you get around your laundry in no time. You can sort out your laundry under these tags: whites, coloured, thick. These tagging systems would help you get through laundry with at a sonic speed. Try it and see how it magically works.

2. Wash Periodically
I know as a mom of a large family, piling clothes and washing them at a designated time of the week may seem like something that would not work. Some of us do not like seeing dirty laundry around the house and piling may seem to get us off the edge. For that, you can get laundry baskets where you make your entire family throw in all their laundry. Washing periodically actually saves you time and resources. It gives the time to concentrate on other aspects of being a great mom too.

3. Make Washing Fun
You may want to ask how that is ever possible. Well, the answer is simple; just spice it up with some entertainment. Anything, no matter how difficult, could be fun and entertaining. When washing, for instance, put some music on as you dance along or bob your head to the bass. It makes doing the job fun. You could also involve your bigger kids to help out in a fun way. Give them specific tasks and compete with one another to see who is faster.

4. Maintain your Washing Machine
This is the simplest thing to do that ensures your laundry is done faster and with great ease. When your washing machine is always in excellent condition, the quality of laundry done overtime is never in doubt and does not go below par.

5. Fold Your Clothes Fast
Watch this youtube to fold your shirts in under 2 seconds!

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