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Things New Moms Don’t Talk About

Things New Moms Don’t Talk About

There are things new moms don’t usually talk about, as there are taboos surrounding parenthood. Most people feel either insecurity or discomfort discussing some issues and little did they know, other moms might feel the same frustrations.

Parenting is not easy, and especially when you are a new mom. There are so many things you will have to learn in order to be a great mom that sometimes, this self-imposed pressure and not being to talk about it makes it dangerous if we don’t talk about it.

Thus, we decide to share moms’ common fears that new moms have. You are definitely not alone. Here are therefore things that new moms rarely discuss:

1. I think my husband does not find me sexy anymore
New moms do fear that their husband may not find them sexy after childbirth. They not only fear that their body has changed, new moms almost always experience a drop in their sexual life partly because of the exhaustion of childbirth. The vicious cycle of having this fear that their sexiness has decreased often results in anxiety and less intimacies with their partners.

We suggest prioritizing “couple time” to get things “back on track” with your partner. Exhaustion in taking care of your child will not help the whole family in the long run. Pace yourself, hire a babysitter when you need “me time” or “couple time”. Also, man are usually attracted by a confident you. Rather than dwell on the physical changes in our body, we should be proud of this milestone we have achieved as a mom and a woman.

2. I am exhausted, I am thinking of going back to work later
Taking care of babies can be exhausting due to lack of sleep and the mental pressure we imposed on ourselves. Sometimes, hearing that your colleagues get back to work a month after childbirth can make you feel not as competent and you wonder whether they are more put together than you after childbirth. Truth is, parenthood is exhausting and a lot of new mommies wish they can get back to work later. Whether you choose to get back to work early, or take leave to take care of your babies, know that there is no wrong or right whichever choice you make.

3. Why is breastfeeding so hard?
The truth about breastfeeding is that it can be a daunting task and most new moms experience pain and frustrations trying to breastfeed their babies. Just know that as long as we have tried our best, and even if we choose to formula feed, it is entirely fine. Most importantly, we spend quality time with our babies making them feel loved; we will be able to bond very well with them.

4. I am not always happy with parenthood!
We often have very high expectations as new moms, and we find ourselves aggravated over many things that we cannot control such as breastfeeding issues, crying babies and maintaining an intimate relationship with your partner. In short, parenthood can be tough, and definitely not a bed of roses. Thus, when someone makes the comment that you must be enjoying parenthood, be assured that it is normal if you feel a tad insulted or upset. It gets better in time and don’t be shy to share your problems with experienced mommies.

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