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Super Fun Outdoors Toys For Kids

Super Fun Outdoors Toys For Kids

In this time of technological advances, it is almost impossible to avoid screen times for our kids. The solution?? Lots of outdoor fun! Outdoors activities not only develop their psychomotor skills, they also foster friendships and companionships: both skills are fundamental developments for a child.

With this in mind, what better ways to persuade them to get out there than super fun outdoor toys? Here, we have shortlisted our top choices for outdoor toys for all ages, so not only your kids can have fun, you might too! đŸ˜‰

1. Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Jungle Gym

Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Jungle Gym (3-12 yrs old)

Among all outdoor toys this is the most suitable to spend some of your kids’ endless energy. It is a semi-permanent structure for your garden, which entails a construction job by dad or mom. It is, in short, the climbing web that we all loved from our favorite park, and now our children can have it in their own garden, to use it even with several friends at the same time, because this structure is not only designed for 3 to 12 years olds, it can withstand weight up to 600 pounds. Woohoo! Can we join in too?

2. Toy Archery Set

Kids Archery Bow and Arrow Toy Set with Target (4 yr old onwards)

Bear Archery Scout Bow Set (5-12 yrs old)

Kids love fun, and more that that, innately, they want to feel challenged! If one of the outdoor toys manages to pose a challenge for your children, then you bet they will want to spend hours outdoors.

This archery set could be what your children need. They have to learn a new skill and improve their concentration, and as they get better they can increase the level of difficulty by simply placing the target further away. In addition, the kids get a healthy dose of rivalry when they play this with their siblings or friends, and develop a good sense of competence.

3. Aerobie Pro Flying Ring

Aerobie Pro Flying Ring (2 yrs old to adults!)

This modern frisbee could be the winning outdoor toy solution for your whole family! Basically, it is a plastic ring that can be thrown into the air and fly up to more than 400 meters.

It is super easy to grip, and even 2 year olds will not find much difficulty throwing the ring. Moreover, playing with this toy will be quite a work out for your kids, as they will need to engage in quite a few sprints, jumps and other stunts. Most importantly, this game creates the perfect bonding opportunity for you and your kids.

4. Construction Play Sets

CATS Mini Machine Caterpillar Construction Toys 4 piece set (18 mths onwards)

This particular type of play set is designed for your little ones. It guarantees a good time of fun for your kids! All young children love to play with the sand on the beach or the dirt in the garden; and in this case they not only can dig the earth, but also transport it and simulate the act of important construction work!

5. Kid’s Garden Tool Toy Set

Gardening Tools for Kids with Toy Wagon

Nothing is more beautiful than to encourage your toddler the love for nature, the ecosystem and the cultivation of our own food. This outdoor toy option offers your baby all the tools he needs to plow the land, plant a seed, water it and watch it grow. The set includes a fun wagon in which the child can move all his tools and that will surely serve for other games and adventures.

6. Hookie Ring Toss Game

Play it indoor, play it outdoor, play it wherever you want. It’s a great alternative to a darts board, yet so much safer. For older kids, you can engage some maths skills, and for small kids to adults alike, it hones your hand eye coordination skill. It’s easy to set up, and fun to play with – definitely a hit for all ages.

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