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Super Fun Baby Shower Games

Super Fun Baby Shower Games

We highly recommend celebrating motherhood with fun baby shower games before you pop the baby! There is nothing better than some ingenious baby games to spread your joy to all the guests at your baby shower. Besides, after your birth, you might feel too overwhelmed with parenting before you can plan any parties for yourself soon.

Let’s not delay the fun any longer! Here is our top list of super fun and super easy to prepare baby shower games:

1.Wear the diapers contest

Get your friends to experience parenthood by changing diapers for a teddy bear with blindfolds on! This baby shower games is super easy and fun to play:

  • Prepare at least 6 diapers and 6 teddy bears or any stuffed toys
  • Blindfold the participants
  • Each participant will be given a diaper and a stuffed toy on lap.
  • The quickest participant to put on diapers correctly on the stuffed toy is the winner.

2. Guess the size of the belly

As a mom, I’m sure you’ve been curious about how big your baby is and might have measured your belly a couple of times; however, your guests have no slightest clue!

In this baby shower games, we will discover which of your friends are best at gauging the size of your belly! It is played like this:

  • Get a roll of toilet paper.
  • Give the roll of toilet paper to the first participant.
  • Just by looking at you, without measuring, the participant must cut a piece of paper that represents the exact size of your belly.
  • Pass the toilet paper to the next participant and repeat the steps.
  • Once everyone has their piece of toilet paper, each participant should approach you and measure your belly with the piece of paper they cut.
  • The participant who is the most wins this fun Baby Shower Game!

3. Guess the baby food

How often does one get to try baby’s food? Do you think your guests could recognize the different flavors of baby foods? With this baby shower game you will know for sure! Follow the steps:

  • Prepare at least 6 different types of packed or bottled baby food
  • Blindfold the participants
  • Give the participants a spoonful of three to four different types of flavors each (A Tip: You can repeat the flavors to confuse them!)
  • Each participant must guess the order the flavors of the baby’s food tasted.
  • The person who guesses more flavors correctly is the winner

4. Share the love and the belly

Probably some of your guests already have a baby and know how it feels to be pregnant, but with this game everyone can put themselves into your shoes, even men! Our fourth super fun baby shower games is about rewarding the one who keeps their balloon belly longer. This is how you play it:

  • Give a well-inflated balloon to each participant.
  • Ask them to put it under their shirt or attach it to their waist with duct tape.
  • Then everyone will have to take off their shoes and put them back on.
  • Those who burst the balloon are disqualified.
  • Now, those who still have their balloon belly should hug each other, with much love and a lot of strength!!
  • The balloons will continue to burst, and the last one with its balloon belly intact wins the baby shower game!

5. Put the pacifier on the “baby”

This is another great game among all the existing super fun baby shower games! If the previous activities didn’t make your guests laugh, no doubt this one will! Besides it forces them to work as a team to win! This is how you play it:

  • Ask the participants to join in as couples.
  • Blindfold the first couple, both of the persons!
  • One of them should have a seat and the other should stand right in front of him/her.
  • Give a pacifier (or a teat) to the standing member of the team and make him/her turn two or three rounds.
  • Now all the remaining participants have to give directions to the blindfolded participant so he/she can plug the pacifier on the “baby’s” mouth. (Most of them probably will love to confuse them even more!)
  • When the one who is standing achieves the goal, they must switch roles, so the one that was sitting is now the one that has to put the pacifier on the baby.
  • The fastest couple to achieve the goal is the winning team!

6. Baby bottle drinking contest
Nothing is more fun than taking your guests back to their first months of life! The first of the baby games is about discovering which baby shower’s attendant is the fastest baby bottle drinker. It is played like this:

  • Fill at least five baby bottles with milk, juice, soda or any other drink of your choice.
  • Place the bottles in a row on a table and place the first five participants in front of them.
  • At your signal, everyone will take their corresponding baby bottle and drink the content as quickly as possible, sipping the teat as if they were babies.
  • Whoever finishes first wins the round.
  • The winners of each round must repeat the game, facing each other until there is only one winner.

Most importantly, do not forget to prepare thematic prizes for your winning guests. Bottles filled with chocolate bonbons, a baby-designed frame or a little baby sock filled with candy will make them laugh and will be a pleasant memory for all the guests.

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