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Super Fun Baby Games

Super Fun Baby Games

Don’t miss playing with your baby during the first months of his/her life! Babies build invaluable bonds with their moms and develop motor and speech skills through such activities. Take advantage of this golden period to have fun with your baby and help him grow with the following super fun baby games!

1. The five little pigs

Your baby learns awareness of their body and understands that he/she has the ability to move them with our first fun baby game.

  1. Lie down or sit your baby on the bed or couch.
  2. Take one of his little feet in your hands.
  3. Touch and move the toes one by one, starting with the small one, while you say: “This little pig went to the market, this bought the meat, this took it home, this cooked it, and the fat one ate it!”
  4. When you say the last sentence, pretend that you eat his tummy by tickling or kissing.

2. Where is mommy?

The second of our baby games helps the baby understand object permanence, which is an important cognitive development for babies. Through this game, babies will discover that things continue to exist even when we stop seeing them, and encourage the baby to make attempts to discover where they have gone. It is extremely exciting and fun for them, especially between 4 and 6 months.

  1. Sit or lay your baby on the bed or sofa
  2. Get a blanket, towel or pillow big enough to cover your entire torso and face.
  3. Sit in front of your baby and proceed to spread the blanket in front of you, so that your baby loses sight of you.
  4. Talk to him, and call him: “Baby, where is mommy?” “Where am I?” “Where is baby?”
  5. Remove the sheet and celebrate that you see him again: “Here I am!” “Here is Mommy!” You will see that he will laugh out loud.
  6. At some point your baby will take the initiative to pull the blanket to reveal your location.

3. Puppet friends

Cartoons appeal to babies, and when a few of these characters “come to life” with finger puppets, the babies will be thrilled! This baby game is recommended from 8 months onwards. It helps your baby develop the sense of language, and social interaction.

  1. Buy some colorful puppets, or design them yourself with old stockings and scraps of cloth. Try to give them the appearance of funny animals or characters.
  2. Sit your baby on the bed or sofa
  3. Start your puppet show, putting different voices and making them talk, hug, play, chase or interact with each other and also with the baby, in any fun way you can think of.
  4. Your baby will laugh and he/she will not want you to stop!
  5. At some point your baby might even have the initiative to take a puppet and try to imitate what you do to give it life on his own. Take advantage of this opportunity to guide your baby to achieve it!

4. Catch the bubbles!

The fantastic part of the fourth of our fun baby games is that it can be played from any place! You can be with your baby at home, at the office, at the park or even taking a bath, and this game will surely raise a smile on your baby’s face.

  1. Get a bubble blower with bubble soap, or create your own with a paperclip as the bubble blower, and shampoo mixed with water for the bubble soap.
  2. Sit your baby in a comfortable place
  3. Blow some bubbles in front of your baby
  4. Burst so many bubbles as you can and make funny noises like: “Plop!” “Puff!”
  5. Blow more bubbles for your baby so he/she can now try to catch them
  6. When your baby catches a bubble, repeat the funny noise you made before, or new funny noises to surprise him/her.
  7. Eventually your baby will like to try to blow bubbles too, and you will be the one who will have to catch them!

5. Slide …Weee…

The fifth of our fun baby games is recommended from 1 year old onwards and serves to develop the motor skills and logic of your baby.

  1. Get several marbles/small balls and a few kitchen paper towel rolls or toilet rolls, and joined them together. Color them if you like.
  2. Sit next to your baby on the floor.
  3. Tilt the cardboard roll on the ground, simulating a slide
  4. Start throwing marbles at the top end so that they will roll to the ground, towards your baby.
  5. Then give a marble to your baby and encourage him to do the same, so that the ball will roll in your direction.
  6. Alternatively, you could also join several pipes together so that you can use a bigger ping-pong ball instead!

6. Homemade orchestra!

The last of our baby games is about discovering sounds and making different noises. It is not suitable for moms who suffer from migraine, but any baby will love it!

It helps the baby find out that different objects make different sounds, and that a person can produce music with it.

  1. Make a research among the home objects to get those that can work as instruments: A big empty can or a cocking pot with a wooden spoon will make the perfect drum; a bunch of keys can sound like a nice tambourine; two pot lids can be the cymbals; and an empty plastic bottle filled with rice or beans will do the same task of a rattle! Don’t skimp on the imagination!
  2. Sit your baby in a comfortable place on the floor.
  3. Put all the “instruments” in front of your baby and show him/her how to make sound each of them.
  4. Let your baby take control and explore the sounds!
  5. Record it in video for future viewings!!

All these baby games are customizable. Feel free to adapt them according to the skills and the response that your baby is giving. Most importantly, have fun!

Each day should be a rainbow day for a child… for the sake of a mother’s sanity 😛 !
~ Rainbow Mama

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