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Smart Tips on How to Limit the Screen Time of your Child

Smart Tips on How to Limit the Screen Time of your Child

It’s clear that the world is becoming more and more digitally driven and mobile devices have become quite advanced and very much integrated in our lives.

In a lot of ways, it can be a good thing as technology can be empowering for kids of all ages.

However too much use, like everything else, can also bring many serious consequences not just to the child but to everyone around him.

Some of the benefits of limiting screen time are:

  1. Reduces eye strain and other related symptoms
  2. Prevents headache
  3. Improves sleep quality
  4. Helps kids concentrate on more important stuff.

Even with these reasons, kids will still find a way to argue why parents shouldn’t limit screen time of their children so here are few tips that will help you establish ground rules and maintain tech peace at home.

Choose Outdoor Activities Over Technology
Take your child to participate in fun activities in the community.

Make it a rule to spend at least an hour outdoors before they start paying attention to the screen.

Lead by Example
Kids do as you do and not as you say.

If you have your eyes on the screen at all times, your kids will learn that non-stop viewing of devices is an acceptable behavior.

Encourage Creative Play

Less toys and gadgets equals more play.

Give children time to go outside and provide them a variety of experiences where they can explore.

Unplug Before Bed

Kids need sleep and screens keep them awake.

Not only do they get addicted to whatever they’re doing, but the light from their gadgets can interfere with their sleeping patterns so an hour before your kids go to sleep, power down all tech devices.

Healthy Gadget Use
Set rules and stick to them.

Kids will learn to obey and be more responsible even at a young age by creating gadget-use rules.

For example, use of gadgets for a maximum of 1 hour daily.

Uninterrupted Family Time
Spend time doing fun activities with the whole family.

This provides an opportunity to interact with your kids and for them to share things with you.

Set Boundaries
While it is difficult to take away phones from your kids, setting limits daily is a more sensible option.

Some examples of these rules are:
No phones out during meals
No phones out during a family movie

Encourage Hobbies
Let your kids pick up a hobby that gives them an exposure to outdoor activities and bring them closer to nature.

This will spike their creativity and interests and most importantly, it lessens their screen time.

Establish Screen-Free Zones
Meals, family outings, and social gatherings are just a few examples of times when being glued to gadgets negatively affects relationships.

Set boundaries for screen use for the whole family and stick to them.

Age-Appropriate Apps
Only approve the applications your children wish to download and the videos they want to watch if they are appropriate for their age.

Use this opportunity to talk to your child about values and morals often shown in videos and games.

Doing the above can be really challenging, especially when you have a child who is already addicted to smartphones and the like. Take small steps and be consistent with your plan and you will definitely achieve the results you want.

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