Raising Kids with a Love for Reading
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Raising Kids with a Love for Reading

Raising Kids with a Love for Reading


There is something undeniably special about reading. As a kid, I loved browsing shelves after shelves of books in bookstores.

I would sit in the comfiest chairs with a good book and read for hours. 

For me, reading is not just a hobby or something to help me pass time, it had become an important routine that transforms the corners of any room into an endless wonder. 

Love for reading  though does not just happen overnight.

It needs to be nurtured and encouraged until a child develops the desire to read and the confidence to choose a book on their own. 

Raise a child who loves to read in and out of the classroom with these tips:

Set an Example

Make the time and space for books you read for yourself, and the books you read with your child.

When your kids observe that you love to read, they will likely develop a love of reading themselves.

Read from Day One

To encourage your child to love reading books, you should start reading to them from the very beginning and remember to always read with animation to bring each story to life. 

Always Have Books Around. 

Books, magazines, comics, reference materials – have it available in your homes.

Encourage reading as something to do for fun and this is easier when there are plenty of reading materials to choose from. 

Find Good Times to Read

Allow reading to be a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Don’t make them read books, the same way you make them clean their room.

Instead, think of ways to make reading a great time between you and your kids. 

Create Book Nooks

Everyone loves the idea of curling up with a good book.

A special reading nook may be all the encouragement your child needs to settle down and spend time with a great read.

Make Reading a Family Experience

Read together with your kids and make it a part of your daily routine.

Your kids will come to see reading as a meaningful activity that they will carry on for a lifetime.

Visit the Local Library

Libraries are great resources for books and story times.

Allow your kids to choose from countless titles at your local library and make this your weekly habit.

Put them in Charge

Let your kids read what they want.

Start off by suggesting age-appropriate books but allow them to read what catches their eye and ignites their imagination. 

Avoid Force Feed Reading

Never use reading as a punishment.

This can turn a child who loves reading into a child who associates it with being in trouble.

Keep the New Books Coming In

Children love collecting so let them build their own personal collection of books.

Having them look forward to more books is a great tool for keeping the momentum going.


A love for reading starts young if you encourage it and make it fun.

Read to your child, listen to your child read, talk with them about what they read to show them how much you love reading too.



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