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Powerful Daily Affirmations To Inspire Young Kids

Powerful Daily Affirmations To Inspire Young Kids

The list of positive affirmations available to help children can be quite extensive, but choosing a few special ones can make them more effective

What you need is a list of powerful daily affirmations that will actually inspire your child to act so that they can follow their dreams, be more than they are, and go as far as possible.

What Are Powerful Daily Affirmations?

Powerful daily affirmations are basically phrases that your child says to himself that will then have a certain effect that is intentional when you taught him about it.

It can motivate him to keep going when he is about to give up, inspire him to be more creative when he runs out of ideas or encourages him when he feels down.

These are things that he will say to himself on a daily basis, which would then allow his brain to adjust to the concepts as he does so. 

The more he repeats these powerful affirmations, the more he believes them even without meaning to. As such, he will become much more receptive to positive change and influences.

List of Powerful Daily Affirmations

Affirmations for kids are a powerful tool to help them develop a mindset of positivity and success.

Here’s a few affirmations to help your kids get started:


I am better every day.


This particular affirmation gives your child the conviction that he is constantly improving. It allows him to look to the future.

By focusing on how he can get better in whatever he is doing, whether it is academic or his passion, he will eventually achieve mastery with it.

To constantly improve is how your child can motivate himself to keep on putting in the effort. 


I can lead.


Your child does not have to be the leader every time, but when the role falls on his shoulders, he needs to be confident that he can do it.

This is why it would be best if he keeps telling himself that he can be a leader whenever he needs to be even if that is not necessarily what he wants.

It simply prepares him for a time when he is called to action and he might even enjoy the role. 


I can succeed after failure.


A lot of people, kids or adults, tend to lose their way after failing once. By telling himself that he can still succeed even after failing, your child will be less prone to such tendencies.

He will not be completely immune to it, but he will be a lot more likely to try again even after stumbling once.

This is how he can cultivate his perseverance. 


I have a goal.


To have a goal is to have a purpose and if your child can keep reminding himself of that, whatever it may be, he will stay the course. 

By telling himself about his goal every single day, he will be much more likely to work as hard as he can to achieve them.

He will also be less likely to be derailed from trying to achieve what he has always wanted to do, regardless of what it is.


I don’t have to be perfect.


One of the greatest sources of stress and pressure for children is being driven to be perfect in everything that they do.

By reminding himself that he does not need to be perfect, coupled with your own words to the same effect, your child will be less affected if he makes mistakes.

Accepting that he is not perfect is the first step to becoming better and to be content with his life, which eventually makes him happy. 


I am proud of myself. 


When your child understands who he is and is not ashamed of what he has accomplished, this easily makes him more secure.

This then removes one of the biggest stumbling blocks that he might encounter in his life, which is insecurity.

After all, being proud of himself does not necessarily mean that he is prideful. It just means that he understands how much he has done and can still do.


I can accept help.


Constantly being reminded that it is okay to ask for help or accept it when it is offered is incredibly important for kids. 

Not only will then be necessary for your child to be able to function in a healthy manner, but it’s also great for building social graces and connections. 

Being able to accept help can lead to stronger friendships that actually last, after all. 


I can dream as big as I want.


Finally, there is the affirmation about your child’s dreams, which he is going to want to keep reminding himself about.

He needs to remember that he can make his dreams as big as he wants and he will be the one to remind himself of that. 

No matter what positive affirmations your kid choose, make this a daily habit of it and part of your routine.

This will help boost your kid’s self-esteem and boost their confidence with the power of positive thinking.


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