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How to Travel with a Newborn

How to Travel with a Newborn

Like many parents, it is likely that you would not want to leave your newborn. This is because your newborn requires frequent feeding, attention, and has a range of different needs. It almost looks like traveling will make every baby-related task very difficult for you.

However, it is certainly possible to enjoy travel with your newborn. In order to do this, you will have to keep certain things in mind.

Here, we present a number of tips for traveling with a newborn. But first, let us answer some basic questions.

When is the baby old enough for traveling?

Well, babies can travel as soon as they are born. However, most of the airlines prefer to board babies no less than 2 days old. Nevertheless, it is just a preference and whether you want to travel with your newborn or not is entirely up to you. Although, it is important to ensure that the baby is fully covered with travel insurance.

When young newborn babies feel cuddled, secure, and are fed regularly, they make really good travel companions. However, in the case when your baby is tongue-tied or has colic, you certainly want to think twice before going on a long journey.

Once the baby is over three months of age, they happen to be more suited for travel as they are no longer delicate and fragile.

Some traveling tips for you
In case you are traveling by airplane, make use of a baby sling or a front carrier to transport the baby especially when he/she is tiny. When the baby is being carried close to their parents, he/she will feel rather safe. Such babywearing also makes it easy for mothers to transport the babies on the bus or the train.

Making use of a travel system that has a car seat capable of fitting on the pushchair chassis is also a suitable option for young babies. This allows you to move the baby from the car, buses, and the plane without disturbing his/her sleep.

What do you need to pack?
This is one valid question. In case your baby loves to sleep in a cot, do ask for it when making a reservation at your destination. You certainly would not want to arrive finding any cot for your baby, who is restless.

In case you take a travel cot along, pack the baby’s cover along with a sheet. The familiar laundry smell may make the baby feel safer and at home.

Here is an option you might find feasible for travelling as it is more lightweight and thus portable:

Lotus Travel Crib

If the sun gets your baby up, do not forget to pack a blackout blind or blackout curtains. Moreover, in case you are traveling to a hot climate, you will need a baby sun pod to protect the baby from the hot winds or the sun.

One of portable sun tents you can get is the SiestaPod UPF 50+ Tent below.

Most importantly, do not forget to pack the baby’s favorite books and toys along with you.

When it comes to babies, there is literally an endless supply of things that you will want to pack. However, consider the ones that are the most important for your baby’s comfort, and needs.

Prepare paediatric clinic or hospital list at destination
Before you reach the destination, do some simple research on recommended doctors or medical centers at where you are going, just in case your child gets sick.

Keep your Itinerary simple
It’s good to keep in mind you are travelling with a newborn. Try not to be overambitious and pack your itinerary with back to back activities or destinations. Take it slow and enjoy your journey as you go.

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