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How To Spice Up Your Sex Life As A Mom

How To Spice Up Your Sex Life As A Mom

Bringing back your sex as a mom after your delivery, and long hours of taking care of your kids might be a difficult thing to do. However, intimacy between couple and having close relationship with your partner is essential for the well being of the couple and family. Despite the fact that so many moms would really want to jazz up sex life; the doubt of how sexy they still are after giving births still scares them sore.

Here are therefore the many ways to go about spicing your sex life as a mom:

1. Leave The Lights Switched ON!
Many moms fear they are less sexy after childbirths that they give up all hope of ever using their bodies for seduction in the bedroom. While it is true that your body may slightly change immediately after childbirth and might lose some of its firmness, that isn’t a reason enough to make you lose your sexual confidence. When in the bedroom with your man, leave the light on. Own your body and be proud that you are more attractive than before because you have gone through a major milestone in your life as a woman. Man loves confidence in women, and he will be very attracted to a self-confident you.

2. Take Time Off The Kids To Go Dating
Successful relationships take effort. Have a lovely dinner, catch a show or plan something romantic for the both of you. Drop off your kids at their grandparent’s place, or arrange for a babysitter. Take time off for precious “couple time”. This will surely spice things up for later events in the evening.

3. Have Sex, Don’t Receive Sex
When next you are having sex as a mom, participate in your pleasure. Show territoriality and participate in your sexual fulfillment.

4. Sexting
This may seem to you like what teens and young adults do, but it’s not. Sexting could actually improve your sex life as a mom. Fire up his sexual imagination and send him home on time to you.

5. Be Sexually Creative
I know there is hardly enough time for things as you overtaken by the care for your children. Parenting could really be a hard job. This is where creativity should come in. Do not wait for when you have the time to have sex. Don’t over plan, just do it, whenever, and wherever. Also, dress up for your man to let him know that you are still the sexy woman that you are.

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