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How to get your body back after having a baby

How to get your body back after having a baby

It is absolutely normal to gain weight as a result of pregnancy. Once your baby has arrived, some of you might want to get yourself back in shape.

In order to make this possible for you, we have included a number of tips in this article:

Give yourself time
Losing the baby weight should not be something to worry about immediately after giving birth to the baby. This is because the body needs to take some time to get back to the normal blood volume level, water level, and the hormone levels pre-pregnancy. This will come naturally. Moreover, it may take about 12 weeks for your body to begin getting back in shape. So wait, recuperate first and delay your workout plans.

Do not decrease calories
Often at times, mothers think about decreasing their calorie intake immediately after the delivery of the baby. However, this is not the best time to decrease the calorie intake. First of all, the body needs calories in order to get healed from the delivery. Atop that, extra calories are required by the body to produce the milk that which the baby requires. If the caloric intake is reduced, the amount of milk that which the baby gets will be reduced significantly.

Exercise after baby
When a baby is about 6 weeks old or more, exercise can be started. However, before this, any form of extreme workout should not be done.

Get enough good night’s rest

According to recent scientific studies, a good night’s rest can help a mother with an increased level of energy and a decrease in depression. This is because the better you feel, the faster you will lose the weight.

The use of gym equipment
The use of gym equipment is not preferred for the first six weeks after the birth of the baby. This applies especially if the baby was delivered via a C-Section. In fact, in the cases of a C-Section, it is recommended not to work out using gym equipment at least for a month.

Weight loss supplements and baby
When it comes to weight loss supplements, they are not suitable for women who are nursing. So avoid using weight loss supplements in case you are lactating and nursing.

Eating multiple times in a day
Consider eating multiple times in a day rather than only three big meals. This will help you in increasing your level of metabolism. Atop that, it will also help you in quenching your hunger without gaining a significant amount of weight.

Eat the right foods

Green tea, salads, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are a wonderful choice for nursing women are also trying to lose their weight.

Normally when women are pregnant, they start eating way too often thinking that they can get away with it since they are pregnant. However, after the delivery of a baby, it is important to let go of such a mentality and to reclaim the eating healthy mindset.

In the end, the best way to get your body back is to give it time and to make an intelligent choice of foods. Once a month has passed, you can start with a moderate workout.

Toning exercise
Instead of cardio exercises at the beginning of post-natal pregnancy, it is good to stretch and tone your muscles, especially around the belly region.

Here’s one good video with great reviews to get started:


Stretching exercises

Yoga or Pilates are great ways to tone and stretch your muscles after pregnancies. Pilates often focus on your “core”, so it will be beneficial for those who will want to tone up their muscles.

Lack of sleep during the first few months of nursing and feeding is normal. Consequently, we feel tension in our neck, shoulders and other regions. Yoga is highly recommended not just to give us a sense of calm, it also helps loosen the tightness in our overtired body.

Love yourself, Love time with your baby
Busying yourself with baby and work will often help you lose weight faster than you expect, so do not stress over weight loss issues. The key here is to give your body time to recuperate and take your time to lose the weight. Eating healthy and losing weight the right way will be more sustainable in the long run.

Being a mommy is often challenging but it is such a beautiful, important milestone of our lives, we should love ourselves all the more for it.

Most importantly, be happy and spend precious time with your newborn. They are the reason why it is all worth it!

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