How to Develop Decision Making Skills in Kids
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How to Develop Decision Making Skills in Kids


How to Develop Decision Making Skills in Kids

One of the most important traits that you can teach your child is equipping them with the right decision-making skills.

Good decision making skill, if acquired at the right age, can help kids become successful in life.

It is all about taking the most beneficial routes in any given situation.

And this can be applied not only in school, but also in play, in relationships, and in hobbies. 

Teaching Kids to Develop Good Decision Making

Making good decisions is no small feat, especially for little kids who tends to be impulsive with their actions.

Guiding your kids now to develop these skills can help them better face challenges in the future.

Here are simple ways that can help them become more confident and independent kids.


There is no better way to help your child realize the value of good decision making than being exposed to the real world.

Showing your child the struggles of those who are less fortunate, the results of poor choices, and the interactions that led to them is very important.

This will imprint the consequences of their behavior in a way that few others could. The point is that, in time, this will allow him to weigh his decisions more carefully.


This should go without saying, but constant engagement with your child is highly advised. 

This means talking to them, playing with them, and most importantly, showing them how you yourself make decisions.

There are few other things that are more potent than a parent providing their child with an example to follow.

Encourage risks 

When your child is not afraid to take risks, he is more likely to achieve great things in his life.

To be clear, these should be calculated risks. There’s no need to push him to take a leap of faith without taking the consequences into consideration.

Still, taking risks is still taking risks. Your child should never be afraid to do that.

Reassure failure

You basically need to give your child every opportunity to grow and test himself to the limits.

If he fails at doing something, encourage him to try again after learning from his mistakes. This is how he gets stronger. 

Children who are not afraid of failure are less likely to buckle when the pressure comes. Your child then becomes more confident when making decisions.


It is very important for your child’s ability to make decisions that he understands himself better.

What does he want? Who does he want to be? What problems does he want to solve and what goals does he want to achieve?

The more he knows himself, the better he will be at making good decisions. Of course, this requires your participation in encouraging him to look inside himself and find out.


Finally, encourage your child to take on a leadership role, either among his friends or some other groups.

It’s important that you don’t force the issue if he doesn’t want to. Rather, it would be better to give him the opportunity to make the choice himself.

When he does, you need to make sure that he understands how he is then responsible for the fate of so many other people. That his decisions will not just affect him.

This can be done as a game while playing, or while doing some other fun activities. It doesn’t need to be serious, at all. 

Activities for Developing Decision Making

If you are going to teach your child how to make good decisions, one of the best ways to do it is through fun and engaging activities.

This will effectively make the process less of a chore for your child.

Here are some of the fun activities that your child can do:

Fashion Game 

One of the easiest activities that you could do with your child that can be done on a regular basis is allowing him to make his choices in outfits.

Naturally, moms have the intrinsic need to dress their children in the way that they want and in the manner that fits their sensibilities.

However, allowing your child to choose his own clothes, shoes, and everything else gives him a sense of control he needs and trains his ability to decide.

Room Decor 

As is the case with clothes, your child’s room should be decorated with his cooperation, as well. 

This applies to things like wallpaper, bed, posters, desks, and many others. You don’t need to capitulate on everything, but just get him feeling involved. 

Between two toys 

You can play a game with your child where you visit a toy store, have him get two of the toys he wants to get, and then examine the merits of both.

In the end, he can only get one, but this is only done after he has examined his feelings on his choices.

This will help shape his ability to take several factors into consideration before making a decision. 

Would you rather

Making decisions is basically about choosing from two or more different results. 

In the game “would you rather” you are basically coming up with scenarios where your child can either make his choice based on gut instinct or facts.

The more questions he asks before deciding, the better his decisions will be. 

Story chain 

Finally, a fun game would be to create a story chain between you and your child.

Just before tucking him in to sleep, you can tell him a story that you made up. Allow him to fill some parts with whatever he wants and then change the story accordingly.

This admittedly requires quite a bit of imagination, but that is good for both of you. 

Kids learn how to make good decisions by making lots of them.

It takes patience, repetition and plenty of practice.

Help your kids be confident and trust their own choices as this skill can help them better face challenges in the future.

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