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How does ADHD Affect Executive Function Skills?

How does ADHD Affect Executive Function Skills?

Executive Function Skills are important in all areas of life. It is a group of mental skills that helps make decisions, set goals and get things done.

With these skills, children can become successful and reach their goals into adulthood. This is one reason why children need to develop them.

As parents, we have an important role in the development of these skills.

Your support and encouragement, along with a little push can unlock your kids’ potentials.

However, we also need to keep in mind that children develop their abilities at their own pace.

Some succeed at home, in school and in the community early, while others may struggle.

Unfortunately, some children who have problems with paying attention, which is also an executive function skill itself, will find themselves lacking with other skills.

When a child has problems with attention, something that is common in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), his other executive function skills can suffer.

This is because many skills are tied to attention and focus.

So what are the executive function skills that are affected when a child struggles with attention?

Controlling Emotion
Being unable to focus enough for as long as needed on a specific situation pushes a child to lose control of his emotions. Or, he may not be able to have the appropriate emotions for something at hand because his attention is on what was happening before.

Initiating and Completing Tasks
A child who is struggling with attention will find it hard to look for something to begin with, especially when the task has multiple steps. This goes the same for completion. Tasks can be quite overwhelming and distracting, which causes a child who lacks focus to complete what is in front of him because of shifts in attention.

Working Memory and Problem-solving
Attention affects areas of working memory, such as storage and manipulation of information. Because of this, a child who has attention issues will have trouble looking for and using past lessons and experiences into present situations.

Prioritizing Task
Just like with initiation and completion, knowing which tasks on hand needs to be done first will be quite hard for a child who has problems with attention. He can easily be overwhelmed and distracted by all the tasks in front of him that he will not know what to do.

Processing Speed
This refers to a child’s ability to understand and respond to a situation. When there is difficulty in attention, retrieving information and processing it will be hard for a child. This will lead to delays in reaction or responses, or being unable to keep up with things.

Organizing Tasks
Children who have problems with attention are often described as disorganized. Without someone to guide them, they can easily get off track with tasks, especially when there are a number of steps involved. This is because organization needs attention to details and staying focused, and that is where the problem comes from.

This is an executive function skill that allows a child to check and keep himself in a situation. It will require attention, and when there is a problem with it, a child will not be able to follow a task, and therefore, will be unable to respond appropriately.

Controlling Impulses
Without focus, a child will find it hard to stay on track and can easily be influenced by other factors. Easily distracted, he may respond to things on impulse, and it is not always the appropriate response.

Cognitive Flexibility
This is how people are able to process their thoughts and shift their way of thinking into something more appropriate for the situation. When a child has attention problems, he will find it more challenging to focus on something and response properly. 

Attention has a huge impact in the development of a child’s skills.

But there are a lot of ways for you to help your kids focus and pay attention effectively, as well as improve their other abilities and enhance their executive function skills .

Understanding how important these skills are will help you take on parenting in a way that will allow your children to develop and improve their skills so they can be successful in life.


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