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Fun Ways to Help Kids Explore Their World

Fun Ways to Help Kids Explore Their World

Children are inherently curious and will want to explore their world, growing bolder and bolder until they hit their limit. 

What they learn during this experience will help their development in explosive ways, which is why parents should encourage kids to explore as much as possible. 

How Children Explore

With their inherent fascination with anything new, children will naturally gravitate towards exploration. This is a good thing, especially when encouraged and tempered. 

This is also why it makes sense for parents to understand exactly how children tend to approach exploration. In a manner of speaking, it’s all about function, sight, and sound. The rest comes after.

Children first see or hear something that catches their attention and if that something is moving such as a machine, they want to know how it works.

This is why they ask so many questions. The more they know, the more they want to know. The trick, then, is to make sure that their curiosity is directed towards something positive. 

Encouraging Exploration

In any case, it is to your child’s benefit to encourage exploration. The question now is how to go about it. The first would be to make exploration as fun and as exciting as possible.

There will be more about that in the later section. For now, there is a matter of perspective. Parents have a hard time allowing their kids to explore because of their fear.

Being afraid that in the process of looking under a rock, climbing a tree, or playing beside a river could lead to all kinds of dangers.

Having that fear is not wrong, but you should not allow it to limit what your child can do. If he wants to run around in the woods, for example, just let him do it when you know it’s safe.

Fun Exploration Activities 


One of the most effective ways to get kids excited about nature is to actually put them in the middle of it and stay there for an extended period of time.

Of course, not all children are going to appreciate the value of camping, but allowing them to experience the activity themselves would be worth it.

Taking your child camping with you will basically engage the primal parts of his brain to want to see what’s behind every bush, every tree, and beyond every mountain.

This is an instinct ingrained in humans. This sense of wonder is still fresh and clear for young children, thus making it easier for your child to grasp that desire to explore. 

Winding Forts

Forts made of blankets are a great way to play with your child. However, did you know that there is an even better way?

You can actually create a maze using forts so that your child can crawl through them and see what lurks behind every sheet and around every corner.

When you place interesting treasures for them to find, this will make your child even more enthusiastic about the whole thing.

Nature Walks

If you are close to a forest, hills, or nature parks, brief strolls with your child or even as a family can be an excellent way of igniting his sense of adventure.

You will see how your child interacts with various plants, rocks, or any other aspect that can be naturally found in the environment. 

Of course, it helps if you actually put some thought into where you are going to be having these walks.

It would be best to do so where there are no predators and where there are plenty of other people around to help if anything happens. 

Group Stories

Telling your child stories is great but if your goal is to awaken the explorer in him, it would be best to do a group storytelling session.

This is basically where you take your child and his friends for a wild ride around the natural world, telling them about all the wonders nature has to offer.

History, ancient cultures, myths, and the like would be excellent fodder to help grow their imagination, as well. 

The reason for doing this with his friends is so that it will truly help awaken their desire for some adventure.

Going at it alone is fine, but doing this with friends is even better. Children have a natural tendency to do big and bold things when they have others to share their vision with them.

You can simply be the catalyst with your group stories. 

Scavenger Hunt

Kids love scavenger hunts, especially ones that are done in places where they have never been before. 

One of the benefits of this particular solution is that it doesn’t need to be done in places that are too far from your child’s normal environment.

There are activity centers, public parks, or just someone’s big compound to make this happen.

It needs to be mentioned that the more kids participating in this activity, the better. What’s more, the clues need to be at their level.

Make it too complicated and the kids’ will not have that much fun. Make it too simple and it might grant the older ones too big of an advantage. 

Studying Critters 

Finally, there is the option of studying all kinds of critters to light the flames of scientific curiosity and exploration in your child.

This can be anything, from bugs to birds. You can even start a collection with him with reasonable limits, of course.

You can create a scrapbook, for example, and collect feathers. You and your child can then classify the different species of birds that the feathers belong to.

Then, you can schedule a time for bird watching with your child. If possible, allow him to participate in the planning.

Kids are natural explorers. They learn about the world through exploration and there is absolutely no better way for your kids to learn everything around them than to experience things on their own.

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