Easy Crafts For Toddlers Under 10 Minutes
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Easy Crafts For Toddlers Under 10 Minutes


Easy Crafts For Toddlers Under 10 Minutes

Keep your toddler occupied with simple crafts that can be achieved in under ten minutes. We have listed down a number of carefully handpicked crafts for toddlers that can reduce boredom, act as a distraction, or a great sensory project for toddlers who have a very short attention span. Include at least one of these projects in your daily routine can be mentally healthy for your child.

Paper Pinwheel

Paper pinwheels are one of the many interesting craft projects that which you can try with your toddler at home. This is a craft that is totally timeless, and can be a nice STEM project. Atop that, it may also be an interesting activity for adults, as part of the decorations for a baby shower as an example.

I find the Youtube video below simple and easy to follow.

Homemade play dough

Most toddlers love soft things, especially wet mud, clay, and play doughts. There are a number of ways in which play dough can be made at home. The internet is full of various tutorials for homemade playdough that which you can refer to. Alternatively, you may also allow your toddler to play with a wet flour dough as it is safer.

Here is an easy guide to make homemade play dough with easy ingredients you can find in your kitchen:

Homemade baskets
Making paper baskets is an enjoyable way of kicking the boredom off, and to distract a child in case he/she is throwing a tantrum. Paper baskets look highly attractive, and can be customized in various different colors depending on a child’s preference. Once made, you may fill the basket with flowers or some surprise treat for your toddler as an encouragement to do more craft projects with you later on.

Here is one video guide you can follow to make an Easter basket with your child. You can put bunnies and eggs, how cute is that!

Glitter Glue Counting Sticks
Create glitter glue counting sticks in order to motivate your toddler to learn counting. As many toddlers have a very short attention span, they find it very difficult to practice their counting. In this case, glitter glue counting sticks can be a great way to grab their attention and to make counting a fun activity for them.

Recycled Watering Can
Instead of throwing away the emptied milk jugs or bottles, use them to create very nifty and attractive watering cans for your toddler to flower the plants. All that you need to do is to poke small holes in the jug cap. Moreover, since colorful stuff attracts children, try to decorate the water can with colorful markers or paints.

This awesome video teaches you several ways you can recycle milk jugs

Magnetic Cardboard Tic Tac Toe
A magnetic cardboard tic tac toe can be a great game to be played on the refrigerator, and can be a wonderful way to distract your toddler. You can create a magnetic cardboard tic tac toe by using recycle boxes that are not being used in your house anymore. Alternatively, you may also use shoe boxes. There are a number of tutorials on the internet that can teach you how to create it.

Here’s a cute one:

Watercolor art using stencils
Create a stencil out of a hard cardboard and allow your child to have fun painting over it to create interesting paintings. This may also allow your child to develop a great interest in arts and crafts.

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