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Decorating a Baby Nursery on a Budget

Decorating a Baby Nursery on a Budget

While rich celebrities such as Marc Anthony, and Jennifer Lopez can spend around $50,000 to set up the nursery of their twins, most of us cannot afford such a high cost.

However, do not worry as it is certainly possible to set up a great nursery for your toddler without spending several thousand bucks.

Within a thousand bucks or less, you can set up some great decorations for your room along with nifty furniture such as crib bedding, and baby furniture. We do understand that you want your baby to be very happy.

In this article, we aim to introduce a number of money-saving tricks that can help you in creating the kind of nursery for your baby that which you desire.

These include:
Buy second hand

You don’t really have to buy brand new stuff for your baby’s nursery. You can reach out to your nearest garage sales and thrift stores in order to buy certain furniture items that include a changing table, artwork, and rocking chair.

Do your research online
Go to a website such as eBay and Craigslist, where you will be able to get great items at some discounted prices. This can help you a lot in saving a great amount of money. However, do consider checking out the reviews of the customers and the buyer’s rating before buying something from the internet.

Swapping to shop
Depending on your location, go to a website best suited to your area, such a and, you may be able to find a number of items that which people are willing to exchange which also includes baby gear.

Search furniture for the long-term
Rather than buying furniture that looks particularly good for your baby’s room, consider getting furniture that will be useful for your baby in the long-run. So if you want to save money, try avoiding cute patterns such as Elmo, which your kids might outgrow in the future. Rather, choose a classic that which your child may enjoy for several years.

Wall decals

RoomMates RMK1132SCS Wall Decal, Multi

Most of the parents are not able to afford a professional artist to create a nursery mural. However, that is not a big requirement. Instead, you can opt for decals that go with the theme of the room and the colour scheme. These decals can be peeled off and then, they stick on to the wall. One of the biggest benefits of decals is that they do not damage the paint on the wall. So whenever you want to remove them, they can easily come off.

Think “personally”
It is not important to have very fancy paintings or artwork. Rather, try to hang family photos on the wall in order to create a nice personal touch to the room.

Skip the price of the bed
You don’t really need an expensive bed set for the baby. Rather, go for a crib skirt and fitted cute sheets. These are some items that can easily be replaced without a lot of expensive. Hence, the look of the baby’s crib can easily be modified.

At the same time, wooden cribs can pose as a threat for the baby’s safety when they start to roll over or stand. We actually opted for a “play-pen” instead for our babies, after a few scares with wooden cribs. For extra comfort, we added on a breatheable mattress at night.

These play pens are cushioned and does not have holes for them to try to get “stuck” in. One of the multi-purpose cribs we advocate is the Graco’s Pack ‘n Play as seen below. They are also highly-mobile and can double serve both as a bed and a play pen.

Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard Reversible Napper & Changer LX Bassinet, Landry

Dream On Me Foam Pack and Play Mattress

Choose a low-cost storage
By opting for some inexpensive storage, you can get some nifty baskets that can be DIY decorated and placed on shelves or put on the floor in a line.

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