Building Confidence and Courage in Kids
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Building Confidence and Courage in Kids


Building Confidence and Courage in Kids

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could instill courage in kids

We often think of courage as something big and heroic but being courageous is not simply being tougher than the next kid in class or being confident when the teacher calls you in class. 

Being brave is doing what needs to be done even when it is really hard and moving in the direction of becoming the best version of yourself. 

So, how do you teach confidence and courage in kids the right way? And why should you even bother doing so?

Truth is, our kids need gentle nudges for them to step out of their comfort zones and discover their inner strengths. 

Your job is to help your kids find their confidence so they can do the right thing when their conscience or heart urge them to step in and help.

Raising a Courageous and Confident Child

To raise a child who will be so full of confidence, courage, and faith, you must first cast away any preconceptions of what those things mean.

You must make sure that your child understands how bravery does not equate foolhardiness.

How confidence does not mean arrogance.

And how faith does not mean zealotry.

Your child must learn just as much about things he must not become, as the things he should be.

As the child’s parent, among the best things that you could possibly do to foster courage and confidence in him, is to:

  1. Learn when to stay out of his way and when to step in.
  2. Allow your child to take on challenges on his own.
  3. Encourage your child to learn from failure and mistakes rather than wallow in them.
  4. Support him both at his lowest and at his highest.
  5. Show understanding if he is no longer capable of going forward with old hobbies or interests.

Activities for Fostering Courage and Confidence

Here’s how you can instill courage and confidence in your kids to help them find their hero within.

  1. Special tasks – Children have a natural tendency to want to help out, so try giving your child special tasks that he can complete with relative ease, at first. Then ramp up the difficulty later on.
  2. Leading the pack – Have your child play with his friends and then naturally nudge him to become their leader. As the adult, you should notice certain tendencies that will allow him to adjust to his peers.
  3. Alpha role – Getting your child a pet will teach him responsibility, but allowing him to take on the alpha role will give him a huge boost in confidence. 
  4. Sharing their thoughts – Ask for your child’s opinion on a wide variety of topics to show him that you value his input.
  5. Goal setting – Setting goals for the short and long term is a great way to provide your child with confidence in the direction of his life.
  6. Joining groups or teams – Doing sports or worthwhile causes along with people his age will help your child get the sense that he is part of something. 

Kids are growing up in an uncertain world that is becoming more competitive so they would need huge doses of confidence and courage to thrive. The key is helping them realize their strengths so they can use it to keep going when they feel small and scared and remind them that behind every single achievement are mountains of courage – the courage to keep going and the courage to try.

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