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Baby Photography Tips And Tricks

Baby Photography Tips And Tricks

Photographing your baby could be a great experience especially when you are doing it the first time. However, it could also be a very big hassle considering the fact that your baby probably does not know what’s going on, and will not really have the best poses.

In order to help you out with this, we have included a number of photography tips and tricks in this article:

Feed the baby before the photo session

Photographing a newborn is often best done after the baby is well-fed and rested. It’s easier to move or “pose” a baby when it’s asleep.  Moreover, they are also less cranky when they are well-fed.

Keep them comfortably warm
Keep the room temperature at a comfortable level so that the babies will not be cry, or fidget when they get uncomfortable. A lot of times, we encourage the parents or photographers turn off the air-conditioners and conduct their sessions near open windows with natural sunlight. This is because sessions for babies are often conducted with little or no clothes; we want our babies to cooperate and look their best but not to get any discomfort from the session.

Use natural lighting
Nothing beats natural lighting. Situate your studio or photo taking session near the windows, especially in the morning, to take advantage of the natural lighting. The morning sun is often most often comfortable for the babies as well.

Props, props and more props!

There are many available props that we can get to create a very interesting composition for the baby. It could be just a muslin cloth to swaddle a baby, behind a very nice wood backdrop, or it could be very interesting hats, boxes, fabrics, baskets or crates, pom poms, banners, and so on. Props are super helpful for newborns as they do not know how to pose. When my kids look back at their newborn pictures, they do still exclaim over how cute their backdrops or how cute some of their newborn photography’s props were.

Finding the right angles
Photographing a baby could be one of the most difficult things to do as finding the right angle is a hassle. Most of the parents and photographers struggle a lot when it comes to finding the right angle.

Following the early days of birth, babies happen to remain coddled up in bunny rugs as a result of which their head is the only part of their body that is fully visible. Atop that, they also happen to have marks, scratches, bumps, and heads that are not very symmetrical. As a result of this, finding an angle that looks good can be difficult. As a result of this, if you are a photographer, it might be tough to satisfy the parents. However, do not give up. With experience, you will naturally be able to find the correct angles.

Get Low

This photo is only possible if you get down low with the baby and dog.

The best tip to get pictures of a baby is to go down on their head level. There are a number of challenges that you have to face that include setting the right level of focal length.

Take a close up
It is possible to improve the angles and to create more intimacy in the shots either by using longer focal lengths or by moving closer to the subject. However, it is quite possible to freak out the baby if you take your lens too close to the baby’s face. Hence, it is suggested that you use a longer focal length in order to avoid freaking the baby out.

Macro shots
Newborn babies are loved by people because they are small and quite cute. These babies are made up of body parts that are small and look very cute. Focusing on them can provide a whole new perspective to the photographer and can provide some interesting subject matter.

If there is a macro mode that your camera has, or if you have a macro lens, then consider yourself lucky as you can use it for a wide array of unique shots.

Identify the baby’s happy times

One of the biggest problems with newborns is that newborns really do not smile a lot. Apart from that, they do not even do a lot other than crying, feeding, and sleeping. Could you think of anything else?

As a result of this, you will have to identify the happy times of the baby and will need the perfect timing in order to capture a smiling shot. This can be quite tricky, and difficult though.

Usually, babies are happier in the afternoon and after they wake up from a good sleep. After all, that is all that comforts the babies.

Keep the session short
We think a maximum of two hours, with feeding if needed, is enough. No babies will be comfortable tolerating many hours of flashes and “posings”. As mentioned, please plan your photography session as it is truly very helpful.

We hope the above tips help to enhance your photography experience with your babies! This is a significant session not only for us parents, but for your child as well when they grow up.

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