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8 Positive Affirmations To Say Everyday to your Kids

8 Positive Affirmations To Say Everyday to your Kids


Children can use positive affirmations for success and happiness in the future. 

What they say to themselves – silently or out loud – has power over what they become and there are a few things that are worth remembering about it.

What Positive Affirmation Means

Positive affirmation can mean a lot of things and can help you achieve a wide variety of goals with your child. In many cases, it can even become targeted. 

In essence, positive affirmations are simply things that your child will tell himself in order to reinforce the sense of worth that he feels.

They serve to make his confidence and the belief in themselves much stronger, thus allowing him to become more resilient.

It is important to note, however, that positive affirmations can harm just as easily as they can help. As such, it is very important that you choose which ones you will use. 

Why Positive Affirmation Matters

Children respond best to words that denote support, nurturing, and love compared to harsh, negative language. 

This applies to the things that he says to himself or the ideas that he reminds himself about every single day.

Positive affirmations can be largely considered as the extra push that he needs to find it in himself to achieve things that he might never have thought possible.

The right positive affirmations can make him stronger, more driven, and more compassionate while others just leave him satisfied and content. 

8 Positive Affirmations to Say Everyday

Here are some positive affirmations for kids which you can use to give your kids the help they need, or even if simply to instill values.



I can do anything


This particular positive affirmation infuses your child with the confidence to completely take on any task and believe that he will do well.

One of the best things about this is that it takes away much of the anxiety that comes with new challenges and changes in his life.

As a developing child, there will be many things that are out of his control. The belief that he can do anything will tide him over and give him the supreme conviction that he will be just fine.


I am strong


Strength is less about what your child can lift or do but what he can endure. To keep telling himself that he is strong is to ensure that he is able to withstand all hardships.

This is very important in the road to success because it is how your child will be able to stay on his path and hold on long after everyone else has given up. 

If he falls, he stands up and keeps moving forward. 



I am myself


It is very important that your child never loses sight of who he is if he is going to aim high for his dreams.

He will have to face obstacles that will test him throughout his life. If he can come out on the other side without giving in to social pressure or compromising his beliefs, he has already won.



I am brave


Otherwise known as grit, bravery is a way for your child to look at the unknown and face it despite feeling afraid.

The more your child tells himself that he is brave, the more he begins to believe it. Eventually, he will not only say but will also believe it.



I am determined


Determination is the ability to never give up regardless of the odds. Your child will need to have a considerable amount of determination to truly achieve his dreams.

Over years of work, he will need to believe that he will eventually get to wherever he wants to go.

Being determined is also about ignoring what others are saying to discourage him from pursuing the path that he has chosen. 

For him to truly succeed, he will need to tell himself that the only person who needs to believe in him is himself. 



I am loved


One of the main sources of anxiety for children that holds them back is the insecurity regarding how much their parents love them.

Making your child feel loved every single day is just one part of the equation. He will also need to know in himself that he is loved and this can be done by constantly telling himself that this is true. 



I am patient


Over the years, there will be many things that will test your child’s ability to wait, to bide his time, and to play the long game.

It can be easy to give in to instant gratification, but teaching him about patience can pay off in spades later when he grows up.



I can be more


Finally, the belief that he has no limits will allow your child to break through any barriers in his path in pursuit of his goals.

When he constantly tells himself that he can be more, get more, and have more, this is exactly what he will be working towards.


Positive affirmations for kids is a fun way to teach your kids how to have a great outlook on life.

Whether they need help for specific issues or not, having positive affirmations in their lives can only result in something worthwhile.

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