10 Self Care Activities You Can Do with Your Kids
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10 Self Care Activities You Can Do with Your Kids

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10 Self Care Activities You Can Do with Your Kids

Children will benefit most from being taught self care activities at a young age since it allows them to develop good habits as they get older.

By putting emphasis on ingraining such habits in your child, you make it clear to him that you care and that you are willing to invest the time to help them. 

Together, you and your child can figure out the answer to the question “What is Self Care?” and why it matters.

What is Self Care?

Figuring out what self care is first is an essential part of teaching your child how to prioritize his own condition. However, the process in itself can be something you can do together. 

Doing this will be quite beneficial for both you and your child since you will also gain a better understanding of why you should do some self care yourself.

As Pediatrician Yolanda Whyte, M.D emphasized this point in an article at Parents.com.

“Just like how a flight attendant instructs you to put the oxygen mask on yourself before putting it on your child, busy moms will have to make sure they’re grounded, balanced, and centered, so that they’re in the right frame of mind to be able to handle all of life’s demands.”

Self care is just a set of activities that you do in order to promote satisfaction, calmness, and love. 

This can be anything from reading a book to meditating. As long as it is something that promotes one’s well-being, it can be considered self care.

The challenge now is instilling such a mindset in your child and an effective way to do it is by doing the self care activities with him. 

Self Care for Parents Vs. Kids


The goals can differ quite a bit when comparing self care for parents in comparison to that of children.

In the case of the adults, self care is about finding equilibrium in a chaotic world. You are basically on your own and will need to know how to take care of yourself.

As for children, parents are naturally predisposed to fulfilling their needs for love and affection, and they will come to expect that.

The goal of self care for children, therefore, is to teach them how to express love to themselves. 

In doing so, they will become less dependent on getting affection from others and will be less prone to depression and anxiety if they are not getting the same attention as usual. 

Why Practicing Self Care With Kids Matters?


Self care also instills a considerable level of resilience in your child in the face of rejection, which is bound to happen as he grows up.

Throughout his development, he will continue to experience complex changes both in his environment and in himself. However, as long as he knows how to care for himself, he will not be entirely vulnerable. 

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Parent-Child Self Care Activities 


Good self-care habits are just as important for kids as they are for adults, and it’s up to you to teach your kids to prioritize their mental and physical health.

Here are some activities that you can do together to help you laugh, relax, breathe, and have fun.

1. Spa Day

Since the discussions are all about teaching your child to take more care of himself, why not start with one of the best self care solutions of all?

Go on a spa day.

This is basically where you take your child out to a place where he and you can get a massage and be pampered with loving attention. This is a great option since it’s something accessible to him.

2. Hobby Engagement

Your child is bound to have a hobby that he enjoys in order to take his mind off of things and which gives him satisfaction. 

By taking an interest in this and even trying to do it along with him, it can become something of a bonding moment. What’s more, he is likely to continue with the hobby, which will help with his mental state. 

3. Cooking & Eating

Cooking is one of the most relaxing hobbies in the world and it is a great way to express your love and affection for yourself.

Imparting this wisdom to your children by doing some cooking or baking along with him would be an excellent way to teach him self care.

Not only would he learn how to cook delicious food, but he will also be able to enjoy them as much as he wants. 

4. Exercise

Physical exercise is a great way to stimulate happy hormones and this is best done with a partner.

By exercising with your child, you not only get to spend more time with him but also teach him the value of health. However, it helps to make sure that the exercise is not too rigorous or challenging. A walk in the park would be a good start.

5. Reading

Reading books and stories to your child is good but reading together would be even better.

You become closer to him and he learns from you while you are doing the activity. This can hopefully develop a love of reading in your child, which is an excellent self care activity. 

6. Nature Walks

Taking a stroll through the woods, over hills, or around lakes can be a great way to calm your soul and that of your child.

This is an excellent method of teaching him the value of just letting his mind rest and be one with nature. 

7. Mindfulness

Speaking of letting his mind rest, teaching your child mindfulness would be a great self care routine.

Doing it alongside him will also boost the effects since he will have you to base his actions on. 

Here are some fun breathing exercise to calm the mind that you can do with your kids or even the whole family.

8. Meditation

Sitting down cross-legged along with your child and spending a quiet time meditating helps build a closer relationship through sheer proximity.

This does not even need to be that long at first. Five minutes should suffice at the start.

9. Goal Setting

Helping your child set some goals both for the short and long-term, will help him focus his mind.

On that note, this activity does not need to be that serious. You can even treat it like a game where you and he will set unrealistic targets just for fun.

10. Hopes & Dreams

Finally, you can have an honest conversation with your child about his hopes, dreams, and aspirations.

While you are at it, you can share your own when you were his age. This will help give him more direction.


Doing self-care activities together not only helps your child to cultivate good  habits, it also helps your mind and body operate at its best which is exactly the foundation you need to be the best parent you can be.

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